I'll Help You Slow Down You, Cognitive Decline, Reduce Stress And Get Healthier...

And no exaggeration here - knitting is the greatest  Body, Mind and soul, therapy.

Ann Davis

I know there's nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.

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A doll gift for my daughter sparked her interest to knit. She may not be able to play sports but she'll sure use her hands to knit. Thanks

Mary Jones

Thanks for helping me cope with the twists and turns in my life. Thanks for helping me knit.

Lulu WESley

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 Ann Davis

You know how people feel overwhelmed, foggy and stressed —and they have no idea how to end it or sift through all the "healthy" advice to help them feel wholesome? Ann Davis uses Knitting, nutrition and writing to nix the root causes of their problems, so they feel calm and happier and fit.

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